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I reached out to Srinath a week before my interview with Amazon, After my 2 sessions with him I was able to observe an high level of clarity in how I was articulating my answers. He helped me to structure my thoughts in a clear and efficient way for the Behavioural rounds. I strongly believed the feedback he provided helped me immensely in getting the Amazon offer (thank you)! I would highly recommend him for coaching and guidance for the interviews :)

Ram Charan, SDE II, Amazon

This was my second time interviewing for Sr Product Manager role at Amazon. One week before my Amazon’s onsite, I reached out to Srinath and we spent 3 hours going through 6+ stories. He didn’t only give me extremely helpful feedback on my stories but also insights into the experimentation mindset, KPIs and product management in general. After his feedback, I could clearly see where I fell short in my earlier loop. I am delighted to share that Amazon has made me an offer this time. I truly believe that I wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for his guidance and feedback.

Nancy Mittal, Sr. Product Manager, Amazon

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