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Packages to address your needs

Interview Preparation

$999/4 sessions

If you are preparing for an upcoming interview at FAANG or any other Tech company and thinking

  • What kind of question you might get?

  • What are the most important Situational/Behavioural questions that most Tech companies focus on these days?

  • What are the best examples from your career to highlight in the interview?

  • How does the examples align with Company's Leadership Principles?

  • What is the best structure to provide your answers in?

  • Or if you just want to rehearse your prepared answers and get structured feedback.

You have come to the right place!

As part of the 4 sessions, I will provide:

  • An interview bank of most frequently asked Behavioural/Situational Questions at Amazon/tech companies.

  • Work with you to identify/align best Experiences that addresses important Company/Leadership Principles 

  • Feedback in Real Time on the content, format, structure of your answers along with cross questioning to ensure the story line is air tight!

Interviewing Introduction

$275 for 1X90 mins session

  • We will use this 90 min session to understand your background, current set of experiences, you're recruiting goals and timelines you are looking at.

  • We will also use this session to do a quick Mock Behavioural Interviews, where we do 1-2 questions and I provide detailed Feedback on your answer structure/content for you to get a feel of how our sessions will work (I will pre-send questions to you for you to prepare if needed).

  • I will provide you with a Question Bank of frequently asked Behavioural Interview Questions in most major Tech companies.

  • Lastly, you can use session to assess if you want to book a further set of sessions/packages with me to help to land that dream job that you have been looking for!

Resume Revamp

 $499/2 sessions

If you are feeling 'I am not exactly sure what Companies want to see in my resume. I am not sure if I am articulating my experiences well enough. I am not getting call backs from companies for roles that closely fit my experiences. I know other people who have similar experiences as I do, but have landed jobs. Do I need to be doing something different/better?'

Through 2 1-hour sessions, we will work together to understand your experiences thus far and identify your career goals/types of companies you want spend your quality time at. Based on that - I will help you in identifying the changes you need to do in content/ structure/format, to make the magic happen! 

Successfully landing a new role

$1,399/6 sessions

Looking for a new role can sometimes seem to be a daunting task with various moving parts including creating a relevant Resume, finding the right kind of jobs that are a match/fit, in-depth preparation for upcoming screening calls and interview loops followed by negotiation of offer. 

I help candidates deconstruct the complexity in the above process by providing end-to-end support and taking ownership of finding you a role that you love!

Through the 6 1-hour sessions, we will work together to revamp your resume, identify jobs that are a fit/based on what you are looking for and help you nail the interviews through in-depth preparation.

Product Management Coaching

1,799/8 Sessions

  1. A total of 8 X 1 hour PM Coaching Session focusing on all PM aspects. 

  2. Sessions focused on Roadmap Prioritisation - different factors to consider as part of this process including Customer Orientation, Scalability, Reliability, Legal, Compliance.

  3. Sessions focused on A/B Testing - what type of ideas to test and what is the best way to set up Experiments. Some common pitfalls of Experimentation and do's/do not's  

  4. Sessions on doing a comprehensive Build vs Buy analysis for products you are looking to build/procure. 

  5. Sessions focused on New Product/Feature Introduction Methods with a clear structured way to present your New Product Ideas

  6. General Product Best Practices

  7. I will also be open to answering any questions you have from your workplace and how to best navigate decision making to set you up for success!

  8. I do consultation on an on-going basis as well. Happy to connect to chat about this recurring set of sessions.

Lastly, over the years of practising Product Management, I have gathered a rich set of Product thinking frameworks and templates, which I will provide to you to use in your daily job to create a 'WOW' factor with your colleagues and Leadership.

Free Consultation

$0 for 15 mins session

I understand you are looking to make the next big step in your career and you want to have a Coach that understands exactly what you want and is able to provide you the support you need and be professional about it. 

I implore you to set up this 15 mins free consultation session if you are still undecided on if I'm the right person to help you make this all important step for you! 

We will use this session to quickly understand what your recruiting goals and if I will be open and truthful about if I can add value to you and your recruiting process over the number of hours we will spend together! After all, I want to make sure that I spend my time with people that I can have an impact on and make a difference in their lives!

Think of this as a way of assessing each other personally and professionally and seeing if this is a fit. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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