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Land your Dream Role!

I believe landing your dream job in the Tech industry shouldn't be as hard as it is today. With my experience across multiple top Tech companies - I help prospective candidates land dream roles by providing specific, targeted Coaching Packages to address your recruiting needs, curated based on hundreds of candidates I have worked with in the past. Let's get started on realising your dream!


I'm a seasoned Product Leader with more than a decade of PM experience with some top Tech companies (Amazon, Alibaba, Grab). I have hired and managed Product Managers to deliver delightful Customer facing Products and Platform Product Strategy for Marketplace, B2C and SaaS companies.

As a Bar Raiser at Amazon - I interviewed more than 200 candidates. Over the last 3 years, I have helped 100s of candidates prepare for their Behavioural interviews across various Tech Companies in US/EMEA/APAC.

I have helped Candidates successfully land in Engineering Leadership, Product Management, Marketing/Operations and Vendor Management Positions. 

If you're looking to prepare for an upcoming interview or want to take your Product thinking to the next level - hit me up!

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Frequently Bought Packages

Interview Preparation

$750/4 sessions

If you are preparing for an upcoming interview at FAANG or any other Tech company and thinking

  • What kind of question you might get?

  • What are the most important Situational/Behavioural questions that most Tech companies focus on these days?

  • What are the best examples from your career to highlight in the interview?

  • How does the examples align with Company's Leadership Principles?

  • What is the best structure to provide your answers in?

  • Or if you just want to rehearse your prepared answers and get structured feedback.

You have come to the right place!

As part of the 4 sessions, I will provide:

  • An interview bank of most frequently asked Behavioural/Situational Questions at Amazon/tech companies.

  • Work with you to identify/align best Experiences that addresses important Company/Leadership Principles 

  • Feedback in Real Time on the content, format, structure of your answers along with cross questioning to ensure the story line is air tight!

Successfully landing a new role

$1,250/6 sessions

Looking for a new role can sometimes seem to be a daunting task with various moving parts including creating a relevant Resume, finding the right kind of jobs that are a match/fit, in-depth preparation for upcoming screening calls and interview loops followed by negotiation of offer. 

I help candidates deconstruct the complexity in the above process by providing end-to-end support and taking ownership of finding you a role that you love!

Through the 6 sessions, we will work together to revamp your resume, identify jobs that are a fit/based on what you are looking for and help you nail the interviews through in-depth preparation.

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